IEEE — Data Donation As A Tool for Digital Governance



Predictive algorithms need a large volume of data to work. This data is generally acquired in two ways. On the one hand, via the acquisition of databases collected by third parties and, on the other hand, via the collection 'in first person'of the necessary data.While both categories, when dealing with data related to individuals, may have obstacles related to ethics and privacy, liberal democracies could take advantage of a third model that is already being used in the medical field: data donation.This article seeks to dive into the advantages of the use of this model in a crisis scenario and proposes its embrace from the institutions to, on the one hand, broaden the social consensus around the use of macrodata for a more effective governance and, on the other hand, to achieve the management of resources in a more efficient way.

Keywords:Black swan, public policy, donation, data, Artificial Intelligence.

Available in Spanish.