[Conferencia] CYBERSEC Global 2020. Moderation of the panel "Human-level AI"


Host of the panel "Human-level AI: Probability, Risks and Opportunities".

» The aim of this session is to bring together enthusiasts and sceptics of technological ˆ singularity and confront their views on the subject. The goal is to analyse the plausibility of the concept and address the potential challenges and threats associated with it, in particular regarding artificial intelligence, its development and the regulation critical to ensuring society's safety.


  • Stuart J. Russell - Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley
  • Allan Dafoe - Director, Centre for the Governance of AI, Future of Humanity Institute; Associate Professor, International Politics of AI, University of Oxford
  • Eva Kaili - Member, European Parliament; Chair, Panel for the Future of Science and Technology, European Parliament
  • Przemysław Biecek - Principal Data Scientist, Samsung R&D Institute Poland

You can re-watch the panel here: