[Conferencia] Cyber Multistakeholder Assembly (European Cyber Agora, Microsoft)


The European Cyber Agora is a multi-stakeholder platform bridging the gap between government, civil society and industry across Europe to shape the European cybersecurity policy agenda and identify European perspectives on global cybersecurity policy debates. It promotes collaboration across sectors including diverse voices and contributes to evidence-based cybersecurity policymaking through research-based and outcome-oriented engagement.

The multistakeholder assembly gathers European representatives from the private sector, government, civil society and academia to discuss how the European Cyber Agora can shape the European cybersecurity policy agenda, identify European perspectives on global cybersecurity policy debates and promotes collaboration across sectors. During the discussion, the audience can react to the panel through the chat function that will be brought into the discussion by the moderator.

Līga Rozentāle, Senior Director, European Government Affairs, Microsoft

Camille Gufflet, Cybersecurity Policy Officer, European External Action Service

Krasimir Simonski, Deputy Chairman, State eGovernment Agency, Bulgaria

Aaron Cooper, Vice President for Global Policy, BSA Software Alliance

Andrea G. Rodríguez, Researcher and Project Manager, Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB)

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